• The Oak Grove Garden program is a seed-to-table program where students learn about nutrition, the natural world and responsibility while having fun and getting fresh air and exercise at the same time.

    Other Goals of the Oak Grove Garden Program Include:

    • Helping kids make more informed nutritional choices
    • Encouraging students to embrace their role as caretakers of our natural resources
    • Incorporating the school curriculum in a hands-on way that supports participation and learning

    The Oak Grove Garden and Garden Kitchen programs are run completely on fundraising, grants and donations. 
    We hold many plant sales in the fall and spring, the proceeds of which help to support the garden programs at both schools. Click here for more information

    The Garden Program Can Always Use:

    • Gardening gloves
    • Gardening tools-shovels, trowels, rakes etc.
    • Tomato cages
    • Clipboards
    • Wheelbarrows, wagons or garden carts
    • Any extra plants or seeds 

    Your support and contributions to help continue these worthwhile programs are greatly appreciated!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 6th grade Outdoor Education  

    Who is watching my child at night?
    Chaperones are spread out throughout our campsites. Your child will not be far from an adult at night.

    Who is being picked as Chaperones?
    Chaperones who have qualifications and training to support our experience (for example firefighter, nurse, teacher, etc.) and / or those with extensive outdoor experience / experience supervising multiple children at a time are chosen. Chaperones are fingerprinted prior to the trip.

    Can special nutrition be provided?
    Yes, Naturalistsatlarge accommodates gluten free and nut free diets (this year will be a nut free experience alltogether) as well as other dietary needs (please talk to Ms. Dobler for specifics).

    Can I call my child while she/he is at Outdoor Ed?
    No, we do not encourage phone calls as it is distracting from the experience and often increases notions of home sickness. Your child will be asked to leave all electronic devices at home.

    Can my child call me?
    Qualified staff will support your child’s needs at Outdoor Education. In rare situations, the teachers might decide to have your child call you.

    What happens if my child gets sick? 
    If your child has a minor illness, for example a cold, we will try to make her / him more comfortable but continue the trip as planned. We might call you for advice or input. If we are in any way suspicious of your child being sick in a way that would require more medical attention, we will notify you and take your child to the closest doctor / hospital.

    What if my child gets injured?
    All naturalists from Naturalistsatlarge are CPR trained and will be able to administer first aid. In more severe circumstances we would involve Park Services and take your child to the closest doctor / hospital.

    Can I stop by at Outdoor Ed for a day to say ‘hi’?
    No, please do not stop by! It distracts from the experience, creates feelings of jealousy, and is against school regulations as you are not fingerprinted by our school district to be a chaperone.

    Can students pick their own tent partners?
    Yes, students pick a friend as a tent partner a few weeks before the trip. Teachers support students who need assistance in finding the right fit for a tent partner.

    Do I have to worry about bears in Yosemite?
    Bears are a common sight in Yosemite. Rangers keep track of bears coming into campgrounds and patrol all areas. Naturalistsatlarge put emphasis on the use of bear boxes and general behavior to be safe. All adults support your child to follow guidelines at all times.

    Do I really have to have a medical form + doctor’s signature for ALL medication?
    Yes! We will need a medical form WITH a doctor’s signature for inhalers, prescription drugs, AND for over-the-counter medication including tylenol, antihistamines, stomach and motion relief medication, cough syrup, etc. (Please note: Many doctors are now able/willing to fax / email you this information!)

    How closely should I follow the packing list?
    Please follow the suggestions as closely as possible as we will be camping in the Sierras where sudden weather changes do occur. The better prepared your child is, the more comfortable she / he will be.

    How close to the trip can I decide if my child is going?
    Please sign up and start payments even if you aren’t sure yet, if your child wants to go. You can still make decisions for your child to stay back during the week before the trip. It is more difficult to sign your child up than to reimburse you the money.

    What do I do if my family cannot afford the trip?
    Please talk to Ms. Cardle for financial support. We do want all students to go!

    What will my child do if she/he chooses to stay back?
    We do want all students to go as it is an experience of a lifetime and will boost your child’s development. However, if you decide that your child cannot go, she/he will be with Ms. Cardle at Willowside and experience an alternative education week.