Acorn Preschoolers playing on the playground
  • Tour and Pre–Enrollment Observation
    Acorn Preschool would like you come and observe our facility before deciding to enroll. You will need to contact the Site Director or fill out our schedule form below, to join a tour. We will begin giving tours in December. After taking a tour, we invite you to return for an observation, with your child, in order to help determine if we are a good match for your child. 

    On the tour you will receive a registration form. Once completed and returned, with the materials and registration fee, you will receive a packet of forms to fill out in order to enroll your child in our program. We begin this process in December and put you on our list. We accept registrations from returning children, siblings of children who have attended Acorn, and new children, in that order.

    Materials/Registration Fee
    We require all registrations be accompanied by an annual materials/ registration fee.  The materials/registration fee is non refundable. This fee both holds your spot and encourages you to make a firm commitment to enroll your child. The annual materials/registration fee is $100.

    ​We reserve space in the order we receive registrations. To complete registration, complete the appropriate form below and attach a $100 check made out to Acorn Preschool.  Thank you!


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