Willowside Counseling Services

  • Social-Emotional Counseling 
    Ms. Andersen is available for social-emotional counseling check-ins by phone for now, a zoom option may become available in the future.  If you normally meet with Ms. Andersen you will receive an email asking if you would like to do a check-in. Any student may request counseling by emailing her kandersen@ogusd.org She will respond to set up an appointment time with you. She is more than happy to check in with children as well as parents and families.

    Academic Counseling
    Ms. Andersen  is available for academic counseling via email or phone (zoom might be an option at a later time).  If you are currently receiving D’s or F’s, she or Mr. Page will be checking in with you after trimester 2 grades got out.  Academic counseling is available to all students upon request. Email Ms. Andersen at kandersen@ogusd.org to sign up for an academic counseling appointment.

    Info About COVID-19
    There is a LOT of information out there on the news and online about COVID-19. If you have questions about what you have heard or seen, ask a trusted adult. Here are some good video resources you can trust too: