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English Learner Master Plan


English Learner Master Plan

District Vision
Students at Oak Grove Union School District are life-long learners.

District Mission
The Oak Grove Union School District, in partnership with our community, strives to create a challenging, safe and caring learning environment for each of our students with focus on: Academic Excellence, Engagement in the Arts, Development of Life Skills, Celebration of Diversity and Stewardship of the Environment.

OGUSD Vision for English Learners
All English Learners receive outstanding ongoing support through a cycle of instruction, assessment, monitoring, and evaluation.English learners will acquire full proficiency in English as rapidly and effectively as possible. English learners will meet state and district content standards for academic achievement.

OGUSD Mission for English Learners

● Develop and ensure full implementation of effective programs for English Learners as described in the Master Plan for English Learners;
● Ensure that all English Learners make annual progress to access and master the English language;
● Ensure that all English Learners access and master the core curriculum;
● Decrease the risk of failure, retention, and drop-outs;
● Strengthen parent involvement and engagement in their children’s education;
● Increase EL participation in advanced academic programs and enrichment opportunities;
● Engage English Learners in meaningful cultural, social, and academic activities.

See below to view our complete English Learners Master Plan
English Learner Master Plan English & Spanish