June 2020 Budget Update

  • June 2, 2020

    OGUSD Community,
    As we navigate through this public health crisis, we hope you and your families are safe and well. As we begin planning for the upcoming school year, we must acknowledge the unforeseen impact of COVID-19 on our academic programming as well as our economic situation. Our day-to-day instructional routines have shifted and our budget planning is no exception.  

    As you may have heard, Governor Newsom’s proposal calls for deep budget cuts to schools, childcare, programs for seniors, and environmental protection. All of these reductions would cut $14 billion to schools, health care and safety net programs. For OGUSD, this means we are budgeting for a 10% reduction in funding. Although some representatives hope for positive modifications to the budget by mid to late summer, this leaves California school districts waiting on federal aid that may or may not come. Since currently there are no indications that we will be given any additional revenue, we must budget with the figures proposed by the Governor.

    We have had input from our Budget Advisory Committee and made some initial reductions, but we need to continue to find ways to maintain fiscal solvency and manage the District’s budget. We will continue to focus on providing a robust academic program within our means and hope for respite from these unsettling times. We are tasked with making hard decisions and we will continue to monitor the state budget over the next few months in hopes of better news. The Board will be reviewing a preliminary budget at the regularly scheduled school board meeting on June 10th. We appreciate your participation at this meeting as we move forward and plan.

    We have worked together to support our students, staff, and community through these challenging times. We have no doubt we will get through this together and make the most of a difficult situation. The OGUSD team appreciates your support as we work collaboratively.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Amber Stringfellow                             Amy Prescott
    Superintendent                                  Chief Business Officer 

    Joe Horak                    Robbie Woosley             Brian Jacobs          Rahine Patel            Greg Holder
    Board President           Trustee, Clerk                Trustee                  Trustee                    Trustee