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  • Who and How Lexia Helps:


    In the classroom, students work independently for 15-20 minutes to develop their fundamental reading skills on desktop computers, iPads, or Chromebooks. As students work in the program, Lexia gathers real-time student performance data without stopping instruction to administer a test.  This gives students control over where and how they develop fundamental reading skills and teachers don’t have to interrupt instruction to administer a test. 

    Teachers and Administrators
    Whether educators need daily, weekly, or monthly assessment data, Lexia products provide access to simple, real-time reports that serve as data-driven action plans based on grade level standards.  Action plans indicate who is struggling and where they need specific instruction, prioritizing students at the greatest risk of reading failure. Based on this data, teachers are provided with targeted instructional materials that they can use with instruction.

    Connects Student Data to Classroom Instruction
    A successful learning program includes the collection of data and next steps for instruction. Using Lexia's student data reports, teachers can identify the areas in which students excel or struggle, helping teachers with instructional prioritization and strengthening interventions. 

    Provides Classroom Flexibility
    Lexia provides additional support for teachers so they can work with small groups of struggling students while other students work independently on skill development or automaticity. Technology will never replace a teacher, but it can provide much-needed flexibility for a single teacher to support a class with a wide range of abilities. 

    Inplementation at an Elementary School
    In an elementary classroom, Lexia is most commonly implemented in the classroom rotation, computer lab rotation, and 1:1 device blended learning models. The benefits of flexible, independent student learning on an adaptive platform allow each student to work at his or her own pace in a variety of settings for a short period of time. While some students receive direct instruction from the teacher, other students can practice skills using Lexia and other students can also work collaboratively to reinforce concepts.

    Inplementation at a Secondary School
    Starting in middle school, the emphasis for literacy instruction shifts from explicitly teaching fundamental reading skills to teaching students to think critically about the texts they read. ELA teachers in grades 6–12 may use a basal ELA curriculum program, literature anthology, or other selection of grade-level-appropriate texts to teach students how to engage with and think critically about literary and informational texts. Schools and districts use Lexia as additional instruction to non-proficient readers to address gaps in fundamental literacy skills in a number of ways.

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  • Our adaptive learning platform closes math gaps to deliver results:

    Adapts to the individual learner

    Continuous formative assessment in and between lessons, to provide the right next lesson at the right time.

    Personalizes instruction from intervention through enrichment
    Strategically increases the learning velocity of struggling students, advanced students, and on-level students.

    Provides access and equity for ELLs
    Dreambox's approach using rich visuals, sound design, and interactivity supports deep math comprehensive Dreambox lessons.

    Develops skills and closes gaps fast
    Continuous support of conceptual understanding, fluency, reasoning, and problem-solving skills, plus 24/7 online access, keeps students building achievement.

    Integrates assessment with instruction
    The ongoing capture of math gaps in student understanding—and filling them—ensures that learners understand concepts before moving on to new lessons.

    Aligns to state and regional standards
    Aligns with the Common Core, standards to make learning and teaching easier.

    Empowers with actionable data and reporting
    Dreambox supports teachers and administrators with standards-aligned data to inform instruction, and monitor growth and use to ensure strong implementation on school grounds.

    Delivers professional development that’s immediate, relevant, and actionable
    Dreambox offers on-site instruction, live webinars, and MyFlexPD™ On Demand sessions to deliver learner-centric content focused on educators’ individual needs.

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