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New Superintendent

I am honored to have been selected as your superintendent and build on the successes and achievements that make our district remarkable. Our district has a stellar reputation and, as a long-time parent in the district and a former OGUSD Trustee, I am proud of our accomplishments and history of distinction. I am enthusiastic about the district's future and contributing fresh ideas to further enhance the exceptional experience for our students. 

​Over the next few months. my focus will be on continuing the established momentum around our district goals: Academic Excellence, Strong School Culture, Engagement. and providing a Balanced Educational Program. A commitment to ensuring that all children have a safe and challenging learning environment will guide my decisions, inspire innovation, and continue to build on our track record of excellence. I look forward to the next few months and have outlined my focus for the smooth transition ahead.

In the next few months I will review academic performance LCAP data, facility plans, our budget and recent stakeholder input sessions. I am looking forward to learning more about the experience at each site and I will be available for conversations about our schools and programs. I welcome your feedback and suggestions for academic excellence.

Most importantly, I will focus on building relationships with students, parents, staff and the greater community. Partnerships and avenues for collaboration will ensure a vibrant district culture and community. I will be reaching out to key stakeholders, civic leaders, community agencies, and local service groups that will be able to support our efforts and build an exceptional educational program for our students.

After reviewing current data. practices, and policies, I will work in collaboration with the Board to plan for the next few years and maintain our healthy fiscal status. Focusing on creating a strategic plan to maintain district traditions, as well as invigorating established programs will help us meet 21st century demands and prepare our children for successful futures.

It's important to establish consistent communication and current updates will be a priority. Celebrating our successes as well as providing relevant information about our current status will allow us to make critical decisions and continue on our mission to grow and learn.  

Once again, it is with great pleasure that I embark on this journey with you. I am so happy to join this outstanding team and be part of a caring community that supports and encourages students' curiosity, creativity, and enthusiasm for learning. I look forward to continuing our pattern of excellence and supporting the district's vision for years to come. 

Amber Stringfellow